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          Eagle Ridge Farrier Service specializes in equine rehabilitation and offers an unique, whole-horse approach to hoof care. Whether you are looking for laminitis recovery, management of equine metabolic disorder, limb-length disparity treatment, or maintenance of your performance horses, Eagle Ridge Farrier Service can help.

          Having studied a broad spectrum of American, European, barefoot, and composite shoeing techniques I have developed a unique whole-horse approach to balancing, trimming, and when necessary, shoeing the equine hoof. I practice a team approach to managing your horse’s health and performance by working closely with the horse owners, veterinarians, trainers, and other farriers. This helps to ensure the best possible outcome when working with challenging cases and helps to keep all parties involved with and informed of the horse’s recovery or performance needs.
Precision hoof care for the performance horse
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          Excellence through education has been a long standing belief of mine and something I have worked hard to encourage and support within the hoof care industry. However, this is sadly not a vision shared by many other hoof care practitioners with only 4% of America’s estimated 45,000 farriers attending any annual continuing education. Every year, I strive to attend several Summits, clinics, lectures, and wet labs around the country in order to stay informed on the latest techniques and products and develop a strong network of colleagues to better meet my clients’ needs.

          As an Accredited Professional Farrier with the American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF), member of America Farriers Association (AFA) and Land of Lincoln Horseshoer’s Association, annual attendee of the International Hoof Care Summit, Florida Association of Equine Practitioners, and Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners, I work very hard to foster good relationships not only with veterinarians, but other farriers, building a strong network of colleagues to help ensure the best possible outcome for the horse.
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